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Diverse Learning Environments


Scarboro Preschool 
A program for everyone!

*NOTE: Currently, the Alberta Government is paying $75.00 per month towards fees for every child registered in a licensed preschool.  This discount is reflected in the fees posted and are the parent portion.  Please note if at any time the government withdraws the $75.00 monthly funding, the parent portion of the fees will be increased by $75.00 per month.  

Discovering Preschool

3 Year old program T/Th Mornings

9:00am-11:00am (2 hrs)

$182.50* per month

Come discover how much you can do, learn and experience on your journey through preschool! Play with friends, make crafts, move in the gym, sing, and dance. All this while you learn to be a part of Scarboro preschool’s well known 3 yr old program! There is a focus on socializing and learning how to make good decisions when you are with friends. As an introduction to the school environment, the children will be exposed to pre-literacy and numeracy skills through fun and engaging activities. This program includes music once a month with Miss Andrea.


Kindergarten Readiness

4 year old program M/W/F morning

9:00am-11:30am (2.5hrs)


Here our journey expands to include a weekly music program and many more pre-literacy, numeracy, science and art activities. We introduce the French language through song and key words. Building

on our 3yr old program, Scarboro’s historic 4yr old program’s very open-ended. It provides the fundamentals necessary for your child to make a successful transition to Kindergarten. This program is also an excellent stepping stone for our JK program if your child has a late birthday and would benefit from more time before they tackle Kindergarten.

Junior Kindergarten

4 year old program M/T/W/TH afternoon

1:00-3:15 pm (2.25hrs)


Our journey continues with the JK program which benefits those who are looking for a more comprehensive experience before they begin Kindergarten or those who's birthday's do not allow for registering in Kindergarten.

The four consecutive days enables a fluid educational program full of fun and social experiences and prepares the child to enter the Kindergarten program with confidence.

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