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Fun & Creativity

Table Time

This is a time where we facilitate the transition from home to school. The tables are prepared with activities that are engaging and encourage socializing. The children freely choose where they would like to go and play.


Music is a big part of our classroom experience. In addition to using songs and movement in various activities, we also have our music specialist Miss Andrea who come s to deliver a small. Group music program in our multi purpose room.


Although we are a technology free classroom, we are cognizant of the importance of  STEAM activities in a child’s growth and provide many experiences though play and learning.

Early Literacy

Our book look and the books we share as a class just touch on all the exposure to early literacy that occurs in our classroom. Alphabet games where the children learn to recognize the shapes and sounds of the letters occur naturally in our theme based program. Each individual child will explore early literacy  at their own pace.


WE celebrate the multicultural community of our classroom and encourage the children to share their home languages. As well, we have a focus on early language skills in the French, such as counting, the alphabet and simple expressions.


Students learn number sense through the calendar, games and hands-on activities!  We build, write and count numbers!


In our preschool we say our play is our work. Through play, the children learn the important skills of sharing, taking turns, problem solving, planning, just to name a few. We work hard to facilitate a strong and caring community.

Physical Literacy

An important part of a child’s development is physical literacy which we promote in our gym time and various outdoor activities.

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