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About Us

Explore. Wonder. Grow.


Scarboro Preschool is a safe and inspiring environment for learning in a fully inclusive program that embraces the individual learner on their journey to a strong sense of self. 

The children become confident in areas of early literacy, number sense, physical literacy, exposure to language exploration. Each child’s journey will be individual. At Scarboro Preschool there is a focus on:

Self Image: Each child has a unique personality. They all possess different levels of emotional and social maturity as well as intellectual ranges. Our goal is to appreciate each child’s individuality and to encourage the development of a positive self-image.

Social Development: To encourage each child to express their feelings in a positive manner and to be in touch with the emotions they are feeling such as anger, sadness, happiness, joy, etc.

Physical Development: To provide an environment where children have the opportunity to use and develop fine and large motor skills in an atmosphere of success and safety.

Intellectual Development: To encourage each child to be excited and self-confident in integrating the basic foundations of learning, observing, questioning, classifying, and comparing.

Creative Development: To encourage each child to express themselves in many creative forms using language, art, drama, dance, and music.

Parent Information

At Scarboro Preschool all parents are required to volunteer from the select list of Volunteer rolls.


Parent Advisor Role:

  1. Review and approval of an annual operating budget.  To send to Scarboro Community Association for approval.

  2. Updating and executing annual staff team employment contracts

  3. Parent satisfaction surveys

  4. Parent/Student issues which require support

  5. Make recommendations and provide input as requested from teaching staff/admin staff on programming, special events, program enhancements etc.

  6. Ensure that the preschool is working with the Scarboro Community Association to meet their board expectations for the preschool. 


Director will prepare agenda for each meeting with input from the Advisory Board and Teaching Team.  

Preschool Laundry:

  1. Pick up laundry from the preschool classroom on designated dates

  2. Wash and dry laundry and return back to the preschool on your child’s next class. 

  3. From time-to-time, wash preschool “dress up clothes” as requested by classroom teacher.  


Playdough Makers:

  1. The Play Dough will be made fresh and new each week and is to be brought into the first class of the week in which your child attends.  This will be repeated on a rotation, a calendar will be provided. 

  2. Follow the recipe provided by the teachers


This Role is to work a casino with the Scarboro Community Association.  

1.  You will be emailed a link to sign up for a shift during a specific  time frame. 

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