Guidelines for Parent/Caregiver Volunteer

As a volunteer parent or caregiver, you play a vital role in the children's preschool experience.  The following are guidelines to assist you in this role:

1) Please take time to review our philosophy, program outline, discipline policy and the general rules of the preschool. You will be asked to reinforce our philosophy and guidelines - for example, unless the child is at risk of physical injury, we encourage positive statements such as “remember to walk” instead of “don’t run” or “the sandbox is for sandbox play” instead of “don’t spill the sand on the floor.”

2) Please be aware of any children’s allergies. This important information will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom. ** Please note, our classroom is a “peanut free zone”**

3) Please familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures posted in the classroom.

4) On the days you are the snack/volunteer please, arrive 10 minutes prior to class beginning. This allows time for you (your child) and the teacher to review the lesson plan and duties for the day.

5) Please assist and encourage the children to participate in the valuable group activities. Circle time, clean up time, snack time and gym/outdoor time are designed for group participation.

6) Please ensure the daily clean up duties are completed. The preschool does not have a caretaker; the parent group is responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom. The provincial licensing authorities periodically inspects the preschool. The Daily Cleaning Duties are posted in the classroom.

7) If you are unable to keep your commitment as the classroom volunteer, you are responsible for finding another person as your replacement.

8) Occasionally, you might be asked to take on more of a leadership role such as reading a story or leading a game. Please volunteer your services if you have a special skill such as music or puppetry. A cultural or ethnic experience is also appreciated.    


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