About Scarboro Community Preschool

We are community-driven and parent-run program established over 25 years ago.  We are located in Sunalta Elementary but our preschool program is run separately.  Our program allows the parent an opportunity to participate in your child's learning.  

Parents participate by:

  • Bringing a healthy snack on pre-determined days 
  • Optional classroom volunteering
  • Choosing a preschool executive position on the Preschool Committee (i.e., executive, play dough, toy cleaning, special events etc.)
  • Being part of the decision-making for the preschool at parent meetings (held in the evenings once every two months)

Learn more about Volunteer Guidelines and Snacks for Preschool.


Age of Students

Children must be three years of age prior to December 31st of the year they are entering the Scarboro Preschool Program.  To be eligible for the four year old class, children must be four prior to the end of February of the school year in which they are registered.  In addition, children must be fully toilet-trained and be able to independently perform their bathroom hygiene such as the use of toilet paper and hand washing.  Alberta Licensing Regulations to not allow children to wear Diapers and/or "pull-ups" to Preschool.

Learn more about the rest of our policies on our FAQ page.


Philosophy of the Program

The preschool program is designed to meet the social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development needs of the children.  It is also recognized that all children come to the preschool with their own unique learning style and abilities.  The children will be supported and encouraged in their learning and development through teacher modeling and guiding the children in their preschool interactions.

Learn more about our Philosophy and Learning Objectives.


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