Welcome to Scarboro Community Preschool

We are a community-driven and parent-run preschool located in Sunalta Elementary.  It is our goal to create a comfortable, safe and stimulating classroom environment which will encourage young children's individual learning and development in all aspects of the program. Click here for further information about us.


We have 14 children per class for the 3 year old program which runs Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9 to 11:30 am) or afternoon (12:30 - 3:00 pm).  

We have 16 children per class for the 4 year old program which runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (9 to 11:30 am) or afternoon (12:30 - 3:00 pm).

Contact our Administrator, Jodi Durant at scarboropreschool@gmail.com or 403-560-4881, if you have any further questions about registration. Please click here to access our Online forms.

There are currently still spaces still available for our three year old programs, contact us for more details.


Please click here for a copy of our most recent Newsletter.  You can also access past issues of the newsletter.

Volunteer Calendar

Please click to sign in to the Google volunteer calendar.  Please note that you must know the email for your child's class and password in order to obtain access.


Important Dates

May 2017

11th - 3's Mother's Day Tea

12th - 4's Mother's Day Tea

15th - Executive Meeting

19th - No School CBE Closure

22nd - No School Victoria Day

26th - Newsletter Submissions Due

June 2017

19th - 4's Year End Party

19th - Executive Meeting

20th - 3's Year End Party

22nd - Toy Cleaning

2016 - 2017 Full Calendar

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